Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hydrasteer a good choice for all steering gear.

Well it looks like all we have to do is weld in some brackets and bolt on the wheel.
Good job Guys!


If they can handle 300mph Bonneville streamliner construction you can be assured they can handle any steering assembly!
Thanks again for the professional service.
See you at the salt.

HYDRASTEER designing steering for Hawk

The column is centred and the rag protects the finish.
The wire is normally called hay or baling wire on the farm but in race car construction we like to call it "Special high speed setup fastener #2." (#1) is always 200mph tape. (yes Red Green and Tim the Tool man's best friend duct tape)

Paul Dukes maps out the route!

Paul Dukes the branch manager of HYDRASTEER in Surrey, BC. is obviously deep in thought. His worst fears have become a reality, "The team has placed the engine in the dead centre and tight up to the firewall." Now Paul has been dropping in at AGGRESSIVE TUBE BENDING to check out the build all the way through so it is not a surprise but a challenge to meet.

I would say that by the look on his face he has developed a plan, so watch it play out!

Ilona & Geoff Bardal (Colt Cams) Deeply Saddened

Ilona & Geoff Bardal and family (Colt Cams) were deeply saddened by the loss of their loyal friend, family member, play and work companion. Khita, the beautiful German Shepherd, suffered a freak accident resulting in a fatal injury while playing an exuberant game of fetch the stick. The animal hospital was unable to determine the full extent of her injuries and she passed away at home the next night.
All of us who have loved and lost a faithful pet understand and share their loss.

Hi Randy,Here is a picture of Khita at work.

Congratulations from the team to Landspeed Louise

(copy of email from LSLouise)
It was with full force glee that I accepted the Motor Press Guild’s “Best of the Year” Award for Photography in 2007. Best of all, the image was of a land speed racing vehicle! The photo first appeared in my June 2007 Fuel For Thought column published monthly in the Goodguys Gazette – an excerpt from the column explaining the photo is below. The modified roadster owned by Arizona resident and astronomer Robert M. Powers and was shot on the banks of the Salton Sea in southern California . I attach a jpeg of the winning shot. The Motor Press Guild is the largest automotive journalism professional organization in the nation and is based in southern California .

A link to the MPG website is below and lists all the evening’s winners for 2007.


Speedy Regards,

"LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth
Member: Board of Directors/Motor Press Guild, American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters, Society of Automotive Historians, Western Automotive Journalists

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ho Ho Ho it's SNOW - that other white stuff!

December one 2007
Wendy has decorated for Christmas and so I say it is all her fault, We now have snow!
Snow is good but up in the ski area only not down on Panorama ridge.
The boat is off the schedule and the Goldenhawk can now get more attention.
Merry Christmas Y'all

For Sale Sail Boat

Fully restored and better than new the fine sailing vessel we call Crown Royale is complete after 7 years and off to the brokerage in West Vancouver. If you think racecars are expensive, never rebuild a 34foot sloop. Once the mast is installed you will be able to see it on THUNDERBIRDMARINE.COM
Special thanks to all the trades that made it shipshape and especially Efren Pilay owner of International Boat Repair 604-728-2632
BC's best/only Inflatable boat repair company

Goldenhawk decal spotted downunder!!

The migration of the Goldenhawk is taking place around the world.Click the image and check out the plate.
If you would like a decal for your car/tool box etc. please reply to the FAN MAIL button on our website and we will arrange for yours to be sent via post.

Goldenrod restoration article

Many thanks to Neil Finegold and J.John Veenstra for supplying me the article from Hot Rod magazine. it will be a great addition to the display when we finally exhibit the car to the public. I looked for it too late and they were all gone around here. Perhaps all our promoting of Bonneville is increasing awareness in BC.
Once again THANK YOU for your support!
Randy on behalf of the team.

TPS Transmission has special parts

Steve Troyan pictured is owner of
has revealed that he has ordered special output shafts for the transmission to handle the EXTREME torque expected from Piers Harry's new company (Peak Diesel Performance) "Killer 70+ lbs. boost dual turbo'd back up motor" ! I'll tell you more about this later in the project,. but you can bet it will have a COLT CAM and porting by Zoltan. The turbo supplier has not been selected yet.

Imitation is highest form of flattery!

When I attended Speedweek in 2001 & 2002 I was checking for landing gear designs. There were several that caught my attention. Some were every well thought out and carried the racer high off the salt however this set up is the one we will refer to when we design the Goldenhawk gear. You will note that the basic parts come from the rear of Mazda 626, so if we need parts we can just slip out to the parking lot and find a Mazda.
Sorry, I don't know who owns this Blue streamliner, but remember they were very friendly. Perhaps some one can add a comment with their names or send it to me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet Zoltan- Airflow Expert Porter & New Team Member

Zoltan , a new sponsor comes to the project via Piers Harry, Peak Diesel Perfomance. Zoltan has long been the porting service of the fastest!
This is his design model for the Xprize.
This is his own introduction.
My full name is Zoltan Bod.I have been involved with the airflow through cylinder heads ,manifolds and carburetors for 30 years or so. I live for the challenge to get that last little bit of air flow that someone else might ignore.I've been porting Cummins diesels to varied levels for about five years.My passion to take this air flow quality external is represented in my endeavor to race in the XPRISE competition with my scratch built three wheeled car which is currently in the design and development phase.Minimum requirement to qualify for the race is 100 MPG average over a 2000 mile distance. Thanks Zoltan
Going Forward this gathering of Goldenhawks will be supporting many endeavours of the team members. You can count me in!
Watch for more information about Zoltan with the Original Fast Guys 200+mph Vega at Bonneville.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Models and Souvenirs by Kevin Knox

DESK TOP GOLDENHAWK Diversions, aka KevinKnox.com is working on a desk top souvenir/model, all the while keeping a watchful eye on his super high tech production toys as they buzz along shaping and creating all sorts of copies of his 3D computer images for his real paying clients. Here is a sneak preview into how it is developing.
Note that the flags are being sculpted out of the top corners in the next proto type, the airplane is protruding out of the background, the car will be on white salt and the wood base will be BC Red Cedar. The sponsors can have their name laser engraved in the front of the base or gold plaque.
Of course the whole thing is decal-ed and to exact scale, overall size is approx 8"x 10"
To reserve an original email Kevin ( kknox1@shaw.ca )

The Handsome Groom Wore Black

Ben Olson was married a short while ago in a Shipboard ceremony.
Photograph compliments Sharon Doucette,
She works for The newspaper the Surrey now and is Ben's cousin. "Sharon Doucette" sdphoto@dccnet.com

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Team photographer on Mission in California

Brian Beesley attending to the probate, and disposition of his last living family in Laguna Beach. Check out the view and Catalina island. Brian is still with us but he has had some very stressful times with , a Pacemaker, death of his first wife, and now his 90+yr old Aunt.

The driving force has gone temporarily!

I have been slow to post to the blog for the last month. I seems that the project is in good shape and we are prepared for a big move forward when OTT Industries delivers the overdrive, however the worrying and pressuring was not helping Ben deal with his business and personal life.

Darryl Murphy (Murphy Aircraft) has submitted the new F-86 tail section drawing for approvals. Kevin and I have reviewed it and it perfect! What else would you expect of a world class aircraft company?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 11 2007 Article by Glenda Luymes

Vancouver Province Writer GLENDA GLYMES wrote this and the previously published article.
Thanks Glenda your help may have led us to a transport sponsor.
Click the picture to enlarge the picture to read.

Ralph's Landspeed supply?

Saturday, Kevin and I were under some wrecked cars at Ralph's checking for parts to create the transporter to move the car at show events and during storage. The guys, (l-r) Keith Leeder, Jay Watts and Trevor (not shown) were most helpful in suggesting various options. Trevor saved the day with a steel eating, spark spewing,roaring monster that made short work of seized fasteners.

Vancouver Province Thursday article

There was an October 11 2007 article in the newspaper updating the general public to our schedule. They also mentioned that we required an transportation sponsor and safety equipment sponsor. Well immediately there was a response from a popular corvette dealer and we will meet next week to see if there is a match for the project. Raising awareness sure helps, so tell your friends!
I will post the article soon.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Axle production and Speed doubler

You can see the custom stubby axles getting splines at OTT Industies in Richmond BC.
I did not get a photo of the overdrive as it is still in pieces while they internally spline the gears. 'Momma, it's gears are thick and heavy!"


OTT Industries slogan is Steering and Gearing and it is well demonstrated by their superb works. Check out the customized heavy duty constant velocity joints (Birfeild's) donated by Werner Sprenger. No doubt about strength here.

Nice touch of class "HAWK"

Nice touch Guys. Ott was not satisfied with the steering arms that they first gave us to set up the fabrication of other surrounding parts, especially when they saw that we had not clear coated them and that they were bearing some oxidation spotting (lite rust) so they engraved them and had them plated!! What a class act the Olsen brothers at OTT Industries have to offer anyone who needs heavy duty, precision parts be it automotive, industrial, or marine.

Brings to mind another famous machine shop and Land speed record holders, also a brother team,

300mph backing up sump and pump!

This is the sump I was talking about crafted by OTT Industries and Werner Sprenger is holding the Oil pump (donated by Aggressive Tube Bending) the 12volt motor (from Princess Auto ) and the filter assembly fabricated by Werner and mounted ready for installation.

OTT Industries machine pinion oil system

Ben Olsen of OTT Industries and his twin brother Chris have machined this neat set up for the pinion bearing support that allows the 9" ford differential to run upside down. The oil will be gravity feed in to the pinion bearings from an oil tank mounted above and slightly to the rear.

The front Drive Completed

Ben Olsen, one of the owners of OTT INDUSTRIES of Richmond BC. shows us how the assembly will set up when the unit is attached to the HYDRA STEER steering box.
As Ben explains this to me , Barklee stands guard keeping an eye on the guy behind us. If weight means strength then this puppy (Drive unit,Not Barklee) will withstand the 2500 hp planned for the all out challenge on the world diesel record. (maybe 2009).
It will take more than one engine!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

**Sad News ; Wally Parks made his final pass------

Just in from Louise Ann Noeth,aka, "Landspeed Louise"

My dear friend Dick Wells sent me the following earlier this evening:

“I'm sorry to report that Wally Parks passed away this evening. Wally had been struggling with a cracked hip bone and during hospitalization developed heart problems and came down with pneumonia. He passed peacefully shortly past 7 p.m. this evening. No plans have as yet been announced for a memorial service, but information will likely be carried on nhra.com and in National Dragster.”

We have lost a giant motorsports statesman, the likes of which will not be seen anytime soon again. Pioneers with visionary conviction are hard to come by.

I did notice how frail Wally was at the Winternationals and made it a point to sit and talk with him much longer than normal. From his response to my conversation I could tell he enjoyed the talk immensely – and it all about dry lakes racing. It was a bit surreal because we were chatting away trading historical notes and details halting only momentarily as the pro cars blasted off the line in the semi-finals. We had the best seats in the house for the drags but spoke of nothing but Bonneville and the dry lakes. I knew where the guy’s heart was.

Speedy Regards,

"LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth
Member: Board of Directors/Motor Press Guild, American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters, Society of Automotive Historians, Western Automotive Journalists

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lone Star rises above the competitors in sheetmetal fabricating

Lonestar Industries' shipper Matt Krieger delivered to Kevin and I the water/ballast tank and the seat pieces (seat shown) which are all ready for final fit and weld together. Thanks to Rob Krieger for the nice job of fabricating them. Rob is the owner of Lonestar and because the staff were all occupied with paying work, he personally did the fabricating. Rob is no stranger to building racy things and many of you know him for his custom motorcycle builds long before the TV's OCC were in business. Mr Krieger also has a passion for his new toys, a Moto Guzzi (Breva V 1100) and the 007 James Bond car, a BMW Z-8.

Rob says, "You only live once!"

Now once the overdrive and differential are complete and installed we will be able to add the fuel and oil tanks. Then we can fasten in and button up all the ready pieces that Werner has stored at his place. Install the race engine and turbo and race transmission. Then head off to the resting program on an airstrip and chassis dyno. It will be exciting time when that happens.

Aussie Fan in Vancouver visits 'HAWK

New South Wales resident, Michael Moore came from Australia to Canada to see the Goldenhawk streamliner making him the winner of the long distance fan award. He contacted Kevin Knox of Diversions , his friend and fellow model railroader, and they are shown here deep in discussions of salt flats locomotion. Michael Moore is in the Justice and Corrections field in his homeland. However, he and his wife would consider a move to North America a nice change of scenery. "Thanks for dropping by, Mic!"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Congratulations Tina and Kevin

The wonderful, ever smiling bride "Tina".

The Blushing groom!

Mr.& Mrs.Kevin and Tina Knox

After 22+ years of living together, the about to be grand parents decided to "make it legal" Sept 8 2008. It was a great celebration enjoyed by family and friends on their patio. The cake tells it all. BEST WISHES from the team.

However, Mr.Tool Tech has his own way of cutting cake. (just kidding around)


Here is the canopy , fully braced, self locating and smoothly operating replete with the cut outs for clearing the instrument panel. The instrument panel will be laser cut out and finished by DIVERSIONS (www.kevinknox.com) . Great job and slightly less costly than the $9,000.00 paid by some racer we know. Thanks to the sponsors, Barry Clarke's, PLASTEC and DIVERSIONS without these people the car would not have a body at all.

Puffer vs Blower

Compare the stock turbo size to the race turbo, you can see why the engine will output 5 time the horsepower. Both are from HOLESET TURBO CHARGERS.