Friday, December 12, 2008

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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Discovery Channel
Each summer during Bonneville Speed Week the Utah salt desert transforms into the greatest racetrack on the planet.
Scorching heat and slippery salt brings racers to their knees as they attempt to achieve speed immortality.

As the Associate Producer of the show it would be a true gift if you were send me your comments – good or ill -- about the show.

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"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body; but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!"

Barklee eager to learn

Art had an interested Barklee for a while, however, "all talk and no biscuits" soon left Art to check things for himself.
Art is also someone who is considering attending Speedweek 2009.

Thanks for the visit Mr.Compton.

Marine Engineer checks the Goldenhawk

Dan the man Nayoski, or Salt Crew Dan, better known as the Vacuums Plus guy, introduced me to A.J.Compton from Comox BC. Art is a former sports car racer and long time diesel engineer with BC Ferries. He and Dan came to see the car tonight. He has been following the project on the web and is very impressed by the attention to design and detail in the streamliner. He was also admiring the "Kool Tool by Kevin" for aligning shafts.

Just in time for SANTA

Diversions (Kevin Knox ) will be starting to prototype the model of the Goldenhawk the first ones will be ready for finishing with a light sanding and painting for those of you who are inclined to be creative.
I expect that the prices will be a 1/32 scale - 12" car would be $175.00 + GST
a 15" car would be $265.00 + GST
The offical decals and paint will be available soon as well.
You can get in on the original production by emailing to Kevin at or calling 604-930-2120 to get on the build sheet.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cool Tool at Work

Here is how we are able to align the drive shaft angles exactly.
By mounting a cool tool on each yoke we are able to adjust with accurate information, simple by looking at the gap and measuring the same.
AT 10,000 drive shaft RPM, transmission shaft must be exact in parallel with the pinion shaft.
Real neat tool HUH?

Here is another look at Cool Tool

Get it right!

Jack up Pick up

Kevin was slightly perturbed at the lady who parked under his bumper at a stop light. Not because she was going 40k and he was stopped, but that he just put that bumper on a short time ago! Vancouver's rush hour is a wild time.

GoldenHot Wheels ? A taste of speed.

Brian Beesley is the guy responsible for the creation of Goldenhawk Wheels. They are corn product and simple to make with any flavoring you desire. Watch for more on this tasty treat.


This is a cool tool developed with the help of Kevin Knox of Diversions.

Can you guess what it is used for?

It is unique and every power train/ drive line fabricator should have on hand.

Kevin will custom make one for your specific needs.

Know what it is yet?

Google this!

The Diesel streamliner that holds the Worlds fastest diesel title. Beautifully designed by Ron Ayers.

Google SSC THRUST or DieselMax or the latest the BLOODHOUND for more info.

This is the Bloodhound, a concept rendering of the dreams of some very ambitious Brits. They have reason to be big dreamers. They hold the jet powered LS record. Remember Andy Green? He broke the sound barrier!! That same team set the diesel record in 2006 with the JCB DieselMax. Great folks and I wish them luck in finding a suitable sponsor.

The Bolton Buick

Many, many, actually too many years ago, my good friend drove a copy of this car. Jim Bolton is his name and thus we dubbed the car the BOLT'N Buick. A 1960 2 dr hard top model exactly like this. When he changed his ride he bought TWO Mazda 1200's 1970, a sport coupe and a two door sedan. Today he is back in the big stuff, towing a big fifth wheel to the south for the winters.

Merry Christmas to Anne & Jim.

News from NX our sponsor.

Click the pic to enlarge.

Meet Michael

Michael is our CH (Swiss) connection. he is forwarding our blogs notices to other speed freaks in Europe which is why we are getting so many world wide hits on the website. Thanks for the help Michael and look forward to you coming with us to Bonneville this year.
Watch for a video on the blog of Michael on his Harley touring the big E.

Speed Week 2007

Our friend and Goldenhawk fan Neil is holding a model of the Hawk. His friend and cohort from Switzerland, Michael took the photo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cat in a bag

Brian Beesley, "the Bee's" filmed this guy with a mouth reed while hanging out in a street bar in Mexico. It is really convincing, and Brian says the guy did other routines. There is nothing in the bag, just a tail sticking out.

Worth the watch!

This video was filmed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! No animals were used in the filming of this clip.