Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sponsor site visits PORT KELLS

On Friday (yesterday)

Dean, Werner, Jason (Nitrolube) toured some of our sponsors locations to show off what they had created.
Kool Coat, Aggressive Tube Bending, Plastec, Cummins, Frankforth Waterjet and Lone Star.

Fan Rides feature Jason NITROLUBE

Jason Rite, Owner of Nitrolube, our product sponsor and next year pit crew was thrilled to drive this formula car. Google for complete story Nitrolube News.

Thursday, August 20, 2009



from day break until dark our time was taken working on the car and showering eating and sleeping, EVERYDAY!!
No Internet connection and really no exciting news.
Plus BNI site was confused by the fact that I purchased Sonny's Rossi #337 roaster entry and our number 6006 is stream liner. So when we did finally get to run it showed as time only
Next year will be different, less work and more runs with speeds worth writing home about!

Unloading is a (media) circus

Friday morning is sunny and calm or at least the weather was. The crew was besieged by media types and photographers from many states, provinces and countries, asking questions and interviewing the whole crew. One crew was from Iran and another from England, however Discovery channel did not attend, choosing to wait for a shorter time to cover than 12 days.
Some of the notables in the media, were Hot Rod Magazine, Speed Channel, World of Speed, Porkpie from Europe plus many amateurs with still and video cameras. It is wonderful to be popular! ANYONE WITH PHOTOS OR VIDEO THAT READ THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME REGARDING A COPY FOR OUR MEMOIRS!

Canopy cover by Dick's Upholstry In Richmond,BC

Please note the fine craftsmanship and creative style of the canopy cover. It is made like a falconers hood and fits like a glove, protecting the $10,000 polycarbonate canopy from the highway hazards and abrasions. It was designed, built and donated by Craig Robarts of Dick's Upholstry in Richmond, BC.

August 6 2009 Bonneville Speedweek 2009

We are parked in our pit stall. Thanks to the Original Fast Guys, Steve,and Dave Green of Eagle Machine in Abbotsford,BC We have a great view of the long course plenty of room. This photo was taken early Friday morning after the wind disappeared. When we thought we would have time to watch the action, but most of the ACTION was in our pits. 5full days of thrashing to get the car through the safety inspection and get it certified.

Speed demon turns to artist for extra style

Paul Fontaine, The TimesPublished: Friday, August 07, 2009
Nick Boos was running on coffee and the will to finish a job he started just two days earlier.
The Abbotsford artist's design will be a blur in the eyes of a group of speed demons during the weekend as the Golden Hawk streamliner, which he finished painting in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, goes for the world land speed record in Utah at the famed Bonneville Speedway.
Surrey's Randy Pierce will be driving the Golden Hawk on the Utah salt flats. Much of the work and parts that went into the machine's creation were donated, so Pierce and his team ended up spending $400,000 compared to the tens of millions usually put into cars going to the salt flats to try and break records.

Local artist Nick Boos added his touch to the Golden Hawk this week. Boos did in two days what would have usually taken weeks because the Golden Hawk will now make its way down to Utah to try and break a land speed record on the famed salt flats.
The project has attracted about 100 sponsors.
The powerplant is a rebuilt 3.9-litre Cummins turbo diesel, producing 750 horsepower with nitrous oxide.
Boos said he was originally introduced to Pierce two years ago, when the Surrey driver originally wanted to have a crack at the record, but the process got delayed.
"I have been waiting two years to do this," said Boos, who just finished an 18-hour work session Tuesday as the vehicle waited to be lifted onto a flatbed in his Downes Road home and put on the road to Utah.
"This man made it look good," said Pierce of Boos' work, which had to be rushed because of time constraints.
Boos said the job, which would usually take a month or more, was done in two days because of some late nights and long days.
Pierce, who works for, (Agnew bailiffs and Financial Adjusters ltd.) as a bailiff and financial adjuster, will take the Golden Hawk down to Utah and hoped to reach his destination by yesterday.
He will get a couple of test runs and than hopes to crank his machine up to 531 kilometres an hour.
To see how the Golden Hawk does, check out
- with files from the Surrey Now

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Italics (jet) is incorrect in news article.
Abbotsford News
Golden Hawk jet (Land speed diesel)car dressed for speed
Nick Boos from Total Control Art Works in Abbotsford looks over his painting handiwork as the Golden Hawk Streamliner is loaded onto a trailer for the trip to the Utah Salt Flats.

When Nick Boos heard that a new paint job was needed for the Golden Hawk Streamliner, he was quick to volunteer his services.
The owner of Abbotsford-based Total Control Art Works signed on immediately.
“I actually heard about it two years ago and was supposed to paint it then,” he says.
Plans were delayed but finally, two weeks ago, the car arrived in Abbotsford for its paint job.
The Golden Hawk is a project of Surrey’s Randy Pierce.
He and his team have been working for over a year on the jet(diesel!) car, which they hope will travel up to 500 km/h to set a new land speed record.
While the jet car will move fast, organizers also wanted it to look fast and that’s where Boos comes in.
“I like volunteering my time on projects like this,” says the local artist.
“I’ve done it before.”
Boos volunteered his talents to do all the pin striping on the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Services “Fire Bug” Volkswagen.
“I worked with the guys from 360 Fabrication on the project – it was a good cause.”
The Golden Hawk Streamliner has now been shipped to Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats as part of Speed Week (Aug. 11-17), where they will make their record-breaking attempt.
Boos is hopeful it sets a new record – and looks good doing it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Looks sharp from any angle

We had a constant ego boost from the moment we hit the road to the moment we arrived back with the trailered streamliner.
People love the

The first trip to the line

Slow and steady we moved to the start line. Everyone wondering if the car had enough ground clearance. Yuri is shaded by the umbrella because the air conditioning was not installed when we had to leave for Speed week and as soon as we get back in the real world Steve from COOL-IT will hook it up.

Here they come !

Thesse are the opening words to a 'TROOPER" song and the appropriate lyrics follow, so dig out your copy of HOT SHOTS and listen closely. You will understand my selection for the theme of our Video yet to be made.
Why Bright White you may ask? Look at the background in the photo!
This is the first trip to the start line at the 61st Bonneville Speedweek on 13th August 2009. The man that was the first to insert the roll bar that joins the two sides of the frame together on Feb 3 2007 is YURI TOFINI of Aggressive Tube Bending in Port Kells, BC. is being pushed by WERNER SPRENGER (chief mechanic and co-driver) Many thanks to all the sponsors and to Yuri's family, who stuck with us and the whole team, for a week of absolute determined 13hrs a day thrashing to get the car passed tech inspection and on to the start line.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

GOODNIGHT! 12:00 August 2

We have left the building.

Off to the ARTIST.

from early morning for the last few days we have been waging a war against time. Now it is at Total Control with NIC BOOS.

Engine was fired today by WERNER

Today we started the engine but only have video so can't share the noise.
It was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy "I love you"

Wendy Super wife of 29 years is receiving semi load of bark to spread on the landscaping. She has been working tirelessly through much pain while I have been pressing to go to play at Speedweek. I feel guilty especially when our anniversary was on the 30Th and I rushed in for dinner with family and then back to the big tent. Racer's wives have to be special people. Thank you to all of the teams wives and family for giving up so much.
I love you.

Rod Ryley and Logyn McKenzie

Rod has donated his time and efforts to make sure the trailer hitch and parts are correct and set up for the trip. Thanks Rod. (hope the boys names are spelled correctly)

More Alberta visitors.

My niece Amber (left) and her friend Tracy came to see the construction of the Hawk. They drove all the way from Calgary took some pictures and a short visit to allow us to continue the work.
Thanks for the visit!!!! Spend some time a later.

Ben & OTT INDUSTRIES Save the night.

For safety reasons we upgraded the hubs with new stud of greater diameter and length at the last minute. OTT "s owner and super machinist performed miracles in the night and deliver them back to Bryson seen here installing them. Very late at night.

Lone Star saves the day

LONE STAR Fabricated another parts in a big rush!!
This fine tech, worked through suffering heat to make a cover for the Acme Fire Bottles. Thanks for the support.

Visitors from Calgary and Camp Borden

Dan's son Jamie from Calgary and his buddy from Camp Borden came by for as visit. Kalin Gleerup is an Avionics Tech at CFB Borden. I was once stationed in Camps Boredom, but it was close to Wasaga Beach and thousand of girls, tanning and hanging out, on 7 miles of white sand. Ahhhh............. to be 18 again!


Total Control, Nic Boos was busy with a racy looky truck when we brought him the tail on Thursday. We should have been taking the car but there is much to do yet on the electrical, exhaust and small details.

Visters to the big top

Kyra Bourassa 41/2 and shy came with her Mum,Loretta along with Lance Furby and Jake Everett.