Thursday, December 29, 2011


Jack, "You got a biscuit treat"?

"I Love this Candy cane treat"!

Back OFF it is mine!

OK I am loving and cute again, what's next?

Santa's Pasture is in Wolframe's Front yard

You know your life is good when you wake to this scene,
Front yard ornament is a real deer!

One of four that hang out all night in Darcy & Colleen's front yard.
"That is so Christmas"

Senior pilots, old planes and other flying things

Visit with Earl McMillian (vet pilot WWII bombers)
 In Winnipeg I visited my brother in law Earl, he was in Deer Lodge Hospital for some tests, for lunch and a good visit. He will be going home in a couple days.
Then I toured the Western Aviation Museum. It is in sight of where 51 years ago I joined the RCAF in 1960.
Ed Shadle will recognize this engine Ala NAE

This Flyer is one of many visiting my sister and brother in laws place in Ste.Anne Manitoba.

Return to my Roots

Christmas Bells are ringing.

Your always welcome where ever you go on the prairies as the folks are just plain friendly. I will be in Winnipeg, Ste Anne, Manitoba and Kenora with my family.
Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to all.
Merry Christmas 2011

Welcome HEADS UNLIMITED the cylinderhead specialists

Ted Robinson loaded the engine blocks to take to HEADS UNLIMITED IN SURREY
Hey, as the end of the year was closing in, our luck changed, a new Race engine machine shop sponsor came on board. Alf and Dave have been performing precision machine work for the automotive trades and race engine builders for years at
HEADS Unlimited in Surrey, BC. 604-584-9976 10657-135A Street
They are not the type of fellows to brag or blow their own horn, so the GOLDENHAWK will do it for them!!
Finding this kind of shop is a fortunate event because many of the better know builders of race engines seem to get nervous when they hear about the amount of power we need to develop and how long our engines have to run flat out at Bonneville.

Dave Arnold at Heads Unlimited made perfection in head prep seem like childs play.

Their logo says it all!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Cleanup has begun!

Ted Robinson is smiling as he lifts the wounded engine out of the chassis. We will rebuild this one with fresh race pistons (Mahle High Performance ) and bore, hone and balance. We will check the pump at NW Fuel and the cam at Colt Cams.

My job is to keep the engine from hitting anything. Very technical so I have a special pry bar!

We trimmed the trees away from the tent and Ted is seen here pressure washing the accumulated organics that form over the past 7 months.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Edward "Ted" Robinson - Welcome to the Salt Team

He's originally from Nova Scotia, a millwright by trade, Ted has been in BC for the last ten years. here he is welding new casters on the heavy duty engine stand donated by my neighbour.

Ted and Barklee get along great, maybe because TED is so kind and scratches his back.
I look forward to Ted's contributions to the Goldenhawk and hope he can come to Bonneville next Speedweek.

Ed Sahle get 200 mph club RED hat in Original Fast Guys Lakester

Ed is just about to run for the record,
his son Cameron is waiting for him to quit mugging for the camera.
CONGRATS to ED and the whole crew!

Larry visits Roy Lewis, the first man over 300mph with diesel power in 2006. Then Roy had one Cummins 6BT but now has two. Roy is very humble guy and that somewhat hides his brilliance. He will be the man that goes takes the record back to North America at over 350mph is my bet.

Would this called a 12TBA 48valve Cummins?

The stretched car sure looks like the original, Nice work Roy!

Prepare to run.

At the starting line.

waiting for the course to be 'locked down" for Roy's run.

Teething problems kept the Chassis Engineering Special from its potential 400mph speeds.

Larry and Dennis's Awesome Adventure

Leaving Lynda

Everyone says "this is awesome totally Fu**'n awesome!"

Larry has his eye on the car body?

Dennis admires one of five hundred hot rods at Speedweek.

Some show car people say "I wouldn't take my car out on the salt."
Racers understand that there is a car wash and perhaps rain on the way home!

Mega Motor

Check out this load.

Grandad had a SAAB and it didn't look like this.

Larry "Almost my Cousin" goes to Speedweek.

Always my first thrill of Bonneville,
 as you break over the hills and see Wendover and "the salt flats"

The next great treat is arriving at the Bonneville Sign and being welcomed by non other that the cheerful ambassador to speed events, "LANDS END LYNDA" and her Daughters. She has many other volunteers to assist her but she is a constant. Each year the "Hawk has arrived she has already secured the Nitrous bottles for us and greets everyone on the team with big hugs and smiles.
Thank you to all the volunteers that make Bonneville the fastest place on earth.

Lands End Gate worker welcomes Dennis Hicks (almost my cousin 2) .Dennis is well known as a Funny car owner driver and now has a front engined dragster for nostalgia racing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"DQ"'s gallery

Very cute creation.

New car from ITALY went 300+ mph with Chevy Indycar engine. Good job!

Cummins in a Rat Rod

Randy loves the Studebakers!!!!!

Ranger relaxes with Cameron or A boy and his best friend out for a ride.

DQ and Cameron spent Speedweek on the Salt

Cameron and DQ bring the camping toys to the Bend in the Road each year.
Thanks to our friend and team mate DQ for sharing some of his pics from Speedweek.

Cameron dressed in Speed demon colors poses with his friend. Cameron has his birthday at Bonneville each year.

Gears & Rears change front drive ratio

Ken Rouble, X-BSA motorcycle racer and
Norton Commando S owner/enthusiast
Ken Rouble, decked out in his Goldenhawk team shirt, gestures to the sign on the building.
Gears and Rears,  we put our trust in the quality work of ROD FARROW for the changing up the gear ratio of our final drive from the original 2.50:1 to 3.50:1 with a spooled centre carrier. This change in gears means that the car could run over the current AA/DS record of 318mph and keep the engine rpm in a safe range.
Aurele Gagon (L), Ken, Justin Howat(R) roll out the drive assemble to load.

Thanks to Tony Rodrigues for his assistance and to Aurele for good wishes.

BMR # 66 Team's, Alan Fogliadini set new record

One of the best the fastest hot rods in the world!
Congratulations to the BMR Team, GREAT JOB!
These guys were our guiding angels as we struggled to get the new Goldenhawk through tech inspection as a new streamliner in 2009. As I recall, Alan had spun at over 265mph in the early morning and once he was out of his fire suit came right over to our pits to oversee the changes being made. He never even mentioned that he had run, much less spun at that speed. The man is very cool. Thanks again and it is great to meet such unpretentious people.
Alan Fogliadini, is Mr.Cool when he is driving this racecar,
He set 288mph Record at Speedweek 2011!