Monday, December 27, 2010

So you think you've seen it all?

Click on this link. Then "save it to your favorites".
You will go back again and again
 there is just no way to take it all in at one or ten times.
It is the most information in one place on the Internet.
Enjoy and when you are interested in the universe your TV will be never on.
I wish this technology had been available when I was a child.

Love to all.

Randy's First Hawk

It was spring of 1962 in Barrie Ontario, near camp Borden that I found a beauty on a used car lot. It was a 1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk (the photo is a Goldenhawk). it was extremely fast but at the time I wanted drag race power and this V8 automatic equipped car would not smoke the tires. And it was a different color, not red or black but Black Cherry and Beige, just a little too classy for a 19 year old RCAF photographer. So 10 days later I traded it back in even for a RED & BLACK 1957 Oldsmobile with a 371 cubic inch Rocket J2 V8 and 4 speed hydromatic transmission. it would smoke the tires anytime and pass everything but a gas station.
(It was not one of my wisest choices but that's what kids do.)

mine was not convertible

Memories at Christmas

Not all my memories from this time of year are happy. Back in 1965, on cold dark rainy night while traveling rather quick on a Vancouver Island twisting mountain road, made slick with oil dripping from logging (chip) trucks, in a car with bald tires, worn shocks and not equipped with seat belts, I lost control. The result was a slide, over correction and backing into a solid rock wall at about 55 mph, was that, this pretty 57 Pontiac was turned to junk. I was thrown out and bounce along in the rock ditch ahead of the wreck praying it would stop before I did! Good ending I was not injured and the car was still sort of drivable but severely bent in the middle,   later the car was hauled  to the scrapper. Remember, seat belts save lives and this was a lucky break. I always wore one after that.


Cameron, our friend from Durango, has a new puppy. We all were canvassed to submit names and the one he chose was ............"RANGER"!
I just love the look on the old dog's face, it seems to say,
"Well I guess I have two of them to look after now!"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kirk Plummer passes at 50yrs.

I have known Kirk all his life, his father, my nephew Dale was my idol, mentor, teacher and my big brother when I was growing up.
I was part of Lorna and Dale’s wedding day and it was Lorna’s mother Carrie that let us know when she gave birth to their first son:
13 NOVEMBER 1960 – 14 DECEMBER 2010

Kirk was involved in a single car crash, Abbotsford BC. He was ejected from the vehicle through the passenger window and suffered multiple injuries to his brain and spine. He was in a coma for 12 days before passing away. He was alone in the vehicle at the time. Black ice is believed to be the cause of the mishap.
In his memory,
 I implore everyone to wear a seat belt!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seven years after ?

Today we celebrated Doug Menges' retirement from a long career with the gas company. And at that same time I was celebrating seven years to the hour of receiving open heart surgery. Thanks to the skilled healthcare personnel I am here to write this. Not only am I here but I have never felt healthier, younger, yes but not healthier!
The point of this is to confess the motivation behind the Goldenhawk Project, and that is; while awaiting and following the surgery I was surrounded by people that felt they had not lived life to the fullest. I, on the other hand was content and prepared to accept whatever the future would bring because I had lived my dreams and pursued my passions without fear of the future and without money as my God. Thanks entirerly to my parents, Bill and Lula (Lulu) Pierce. It was at that time I was motivated to set a land speed record and to include others in the process, that they too might have an adventure that they otherwise would have missed. This is not a noble or unself act just my way of life.
Thank you all for reading this and most importantly thanks all of the people who have been touched, contributed or are influenced by this project including my love Wendy.
Sincerely yours,