Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thieves Strike Goldenhawk

Today when someone went over the six foot high chain link gate at Kevin's and made off with his welding equipment. This will cause harm and no doubt some delay. The good news is that is all they took.
Anyone hearing of a new red welder for sale cheap, let me know or report to Surrey RCMP.
Too bad the big dogs were in the house at the time.

Landing gear upgrade

These photos show it in place with the wood deck fitted and the jacks and gear in place.
The landing gear will be road tested and then disassembled, all the parts taken into Burnaby for Brian & Myles Johnson at Apex Finishing ltd.to put their signature powder coat touch on them.

Tandem Jeep for new landing gear

Mike Klaus and Kevin Knox have built a new jeep for carriage of the front of the car. It is made up from 2 Dodge mini van rear axles, (thanks to Ralph's Auto Parts on Scott Rod in Surrey).
Combine with Steel from Aggressive Tube Bending crop bin and the designs by Diversions 3D (http://www.kevinknox.com/) and precision cut by Frankforth Water Jet in Port Kells. During the build process Kevin was prepping and pre-fitting the pieces and Klaus was welding them up very expertly so as to not allow it warp.

Kevin says it is plenty strong!

Harvey Dyck pleased with new jack system

Harvey has built fittings that allow the standard heavy duty jacks to lock into the chassis sockets and allow us to safely raise or lower the car without damage to the body. This is necessary because you can't get an ordinary jack under the car when it is on the ground as the clearance is less that 2 inches.

Report July 26 2011

It has been two months since I last reported to you my faithful fans and I am sure you are by now thinking "He's gave up" "They are not doing anything on the project" Etc.
Well although it seems like we are steady on the course, (or trying to get back on the course), it is a time in the project where all hands are busy making a life with family and trying to keep the wolf away from the door in these financially difficult times. However, we are still picking up support and new sponsors in kind almost every week.
One of our areas of limbo is the engine situation, as we have hopes that our engine sponsor will be able to allocate the high performance version of the Cummins 3.9BT(A) that is the platform of our race engine. We have all the speed equipment and and almost all the parts to rebuild our failed engine #001 and we have a spare core to machine and build a backup but a new one would mean less work and strong new parts are included.
This photo was taken before the car was stripped of the old landing gear and the turbo piping was removed and taken to KOOL COAT for ceramic coating.