Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loaded and ready to roll!

After some last minute canopy changes to the the lift struts by Kevin and Alan, the Struts modified and donated by STRUTWISE on 88th Ave in Surrey were installed and each of us went home to pack. Notice the motorhome sits better with the air bags installed.

Apex Finishing Ltd. Powder coating excellence

Apex Decal On The Nose
Brian Johnson and his son, Myles came out to deliver our spare wheels with fresh powder coating the night before we loaded out. The wheels were still warm from the curing oven when he arrived in Surrey. Apex's decal may be small but their contribution to the project is huge!! Thanks for keeping the corrosion off the steel frame and wheels etc.

The Spirit of Isabelle

The Spirit of Isabelle shows up more on the streamliner than the picture. (The team hopes she would approve of the color.)

Acme Fire installed Fire System

Our sponsors are what makes this team work and Michael Tonolli, president of Acme Fire in Burnaby, not only supplied and installed the fire system, but cam in and refilled, certified and verified that we had it re-installed correctly. His documentation was readily accepted by the tech inspectors at Speedweek. This meant we did not have to remove the floor panels to expose the bottles for them to see.
I want to point out that Mike came out to the car virtually on his way to the airport to start vacation in Europe. Now that's someone who really supports our efforts. Thank you MR TONOLLI and your staff. And the fire system saved the car and driver at Bonneville when on the Wednesday run an exhaust fire started the at mile 5 and was quickly extinguished by your system saved the car! Thanks for the good work.
We have dedicated a spot to honour your daughter on the Goldenhawk.

Trevor Jewks works late to make parts

trevor jewkes is the manager of Pats Drive Line in Port Kells BC (Surrey).
When Alan and I asked him to remake some cables he stayed late after hours to get them ready for us. Trvor and the whole group at the gear centre companies have been very helpful in moving this project forward.

Budget Brake @ Fleetwood helps out

Mike and his team of mechanics at Fleetwood Budget Brake store located at 152 St and Fraser Highway donated their time and talent to install air bag stabilizers to May's motor home and we used it again to tow to the salt flats.
Thanks to each one of you for your assistance.

Preparing the Hawk

(L-R) Alan Slattery,our Irish import, Jason Leung from Richmond,and Lorin Kintrea from Langley
pitched in to build many components such as the brackets for the indicator lights and control cables. Werner and Kevin were also busy fabricating and wiring things in place. The testing was completed before we loaded out but we learned that electronic parts are not stout enough for industrial strength racers!

Here is my friend NOVA

This is Nova the wonderful little dog I was fortunate to meet again after many years. (See previous posts)
Thanks to her other friends and family I have received some photos of her. As you can see by the photos she is pampered and loves it! Great home for any dog, comes with loving family.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another link


There is some very interesting cars on this and a few of our team.

Link to some photos on the net

Link to some photos on the net including Goldenhawk
Thanks to DQ!

Were are back!

Finally after months of endless days and nights the Goldenhawk was loaded and taken to the Bonneville Speedweek #62. This is the result of a great team of volunteers and donor sponsors. The core team was made up of some of 2009 Salt team and some new faces. Those that didn't go this year contributed in other ways to make it possible to make runs on "The great white dyno".
The results were not what we expected in the speed department however, the car as a whole is now manageable and really easy to pilot.
Speaking of Pilots, Werner Sprenger, worked many hours and donated equipment and parts as usual this year. Although he is standing by awaiting the testing to be completed before he makes his licencing runs, he has pasted all the cockpit and bailout tests so as soon as it is safe to run he will be working toward his first 200mph club Red hat.
I will report in detail our ramp up to Bonneville and the results in the coming days. We have video which Brian Beesley is editing so we can upload it for you to see.
Thank you to all the persons sending me their photos from Bonneville, and If you have more please send them to me, at goldenhawkracing@yahoo.ca