Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Progress slow and steady

Not much to report. This is the time Ron Main calls 90:10. 10% of the car takes 90% of the time. It has taken Werner and I days to fabricate brake lines and get the new motor mounts welded and ready for installation.
We will be moving out of my garage and into the Hawk Nest (an undisclosed location) soon. Werner has the lights and everything set up for the security alarms etc.

Bonneville legend Jim Deist

I first heard of Jim Deist when I was a teenager. Returning home from a summer on a ranch in Manitoba, I bought HOT ROD magazine and on the cover was Mickey Thompson's "Challenger" Bonneville stream liner and the car had a parachute designed by racer, Jim Deist, who worked for Irvine Air Chutes and went on to form his own company dedicated to racer safety.
Every drag car I raced had a Deist chute, but it wasn't until I went to Bonneville that I got to meet Jim Deist. He was good natured and tolerated my questions and answered them with a patient explanation of the physical science of stopping a large mass from high speed. Each year we would chat a bit as racers came by his truck to get parts or say hello. Everyone knew Jim and will miss the man with the cigar and black bib overalls digging through the piles of parts in his rig to find just what parts they needed.
It was just three week ago, that I last spoke to him on the phone to order parachutes for the Goldenhawk and he requested me to fax him the drawing and specs that he might design the right system for us.
Our team is saddened to hear of his death and we will have a DEIST decal on the car regardless of where we get the chutes.

and we know you will have a soft landing in heaven.
Thank you from the racers.

Jim Deist Passes Racers Everywhere Mourn

Jim Deist Memorial Services...
On Saturday March 14, 2009, 10AM to 1PM there will be a Family and Friends Viewing and Memorial Service for Jim Deist at:Burbank Worship Center222 E. Victory Bl.Burbank CA 91502818 -848-5501
Also, there will be a Memorial Service on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 11AM at:NHRA Museum1101 McKinley Av. (off Fairplex Drive)Pomona CA
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Monday, March 2, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators, The Centennial of Flight celebrations have now begun and three spectacular commemorative aircraft have led the way. Follow the link to learn more: you wish to be added to or removed from our list let us know.Dave O'Malley, Manager Marketing and Communications, Vintage Wings of Canada


Douglas McCurdy flying the SILVER DART 100 Years ago.
In honour of our forefathers of aviation and Hot Rodding, I would like to invite you to see the Silver Dart video. It was the folks working in the aero space industry in California that really made the sport/cult of hot rods grow in the years after WWII. That is why I feel there is a real connection between the Goldenhawk streamliner and the aviation world, as you may know many of the 32,000 plus fans are in one way or the other connected to fast cars and airplanes.