Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 11 2007 Article by Glenda Luymes

Vancouver Province Writer GLENDA GLYMES wrote this and the previously published article.
Thanks Glenda your help may have led us to a transport sponsor.
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Ralph's Landspeed supply?

Saturday, Kevin and I were under some wrecked cars at Ralph's checking for parts to create the transporter to move the car at show events and during storage. The guys, (l-r) Keith Leeder, Jay Watts and Trevor (not shown) were most helpful in suggesting various options. Trevor saved the day with a steel eating, spark spewing,roaring monster that made short work of seized fasteners.

Vancouver Province Thursday article

There was an October 11 2007 article in the newspaper updating the general public to our schedule. They also mentioned that we required an transportation sponsor and safety equipment sponsor. Well immediately there was a response from a popular corvette dealer and we will meet next week to see if there is a match for the project. Raising awareness sure helps, so tell your friends!
I will post the article soon.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Axle production and Speed doubler

You can see the custom stubby axles getting splines at OTT Industies in Richmond BC.
I did not get a photo of the overdrive as it is still in pieces while they internally spline the gears. 'Momma, it's gears are thick and heavy!"


OTT Industries slogan is Steering and Gearing and it is well demonstrated by their superb works. Check out the customized heavy duty constant velocity joints (Birfeild's) donated by Werner Sprenger. No doubt about strength here.

Nice touch of class "HAWK"

Nice touch Guys. Ott was not satisfied with the steering arms that they first gave us to set up the fabrication of other surrounding parts, especially when they saw that we had not clear coated them and that they were bearing some oxidation spotting (lite rust) so they engraved them and had them plated!! What a class act the Olsen brothers at OTT Industries have to offer anyone who needs heavy duty, precision parts be it automotive, industrial, or marine.

Brings to mind another famous machine shop and Land speed record holders, also a brother team,

300mph backing up sump and pump!

This is the sump I was talking about crafted by OTT Industries and Werner Sprenger is holding the Oil pump (donated by Aggressive Tube Bending) the 12volt motor (from Princess Auto ) and the filter assembly fabricated by Werner and mounted ready for installation.

OTT Industries machine pinion oil system

Ben Olsen of OTT Industries and his twin brother Chris have machined this neat set up for the pinion bearing support that allows the 9" ford differential to run upside down. The oil will be gravity feed in to the pinion bearings from an oil tank mounted above and slightly to the rear.

The front Drive Completed

Ben Olsen, one of the owners of OTT INDUSTRIES of Richmond BC. shows us how the assembly will set up when the unit is attached to the HYDRA STEER steering box.
As Ben explains this to me , Barklee stands guard keeping an eye on the guy behind us. If weight means strength then this puppy (Drive unit,Not Barklee) will withstand the 2500 hp planned for the all out challenge on the world diesel record. (maybe 2009).
It will take more than one engine!