Friday, January 25, 2008

Overjoyed, the OTT OVERDRIVE is here!

Ben and Werner load the overdrive in the van heading for final chassis placement. This completes the major works by OTT Industries and AGGRESSIVE Tube Bending.

Thank you for your dedication to quality and the Goldenhawk Project.

Ott Industries custom 1:2 OVERDRIVE

The starting point

Ben smiles and checks the fit.
Werner and Ben playing in the gear box.

OTT INDUSTRIES custom build steering and gearing for the EXTREME motor sports crowd!

If you want something special call Ben and visit their website. Bring money cause high quality takes time care, skill, intelligent informed thought, anticipation, patience, that's why isn't cheap but very reasonable!
They do it Right the "FIRST" time.

Vibration stresses dampered out!

"Shake rattle and vibrate like a British motorcycle". "That's what to expected from the naturally unbalance 4 cylinder 4 litre "pump motor", the Cummins 3.9 BT engine," I was cautioned by Cummin's Western Canada's Marketing manager Ross Somerville, when I picked up the first core last year.

Here is the solution get fluid filled dampener (and you won't have to get dentures after high rpm runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats .

Dan Oddy
Sales Engineer
He is a good guy to talk to and will steer you right.

The "G'Hawk will fly smooth with
Fluidampr / Vibratech TVD

Ph 716-592-1000 x6231
Fx 716-592-1001

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zolton's X project.

Whether porting heads or fabricating a proto-type stream liner, He's making sparks. We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

First there was a model

You saw Zoltan's futuristic design model of his entry into the
X- prize competition before Christmas. Here is the actual car beginning to take shape. As you can see the donor car is almost gone but with a little imagination you can see the model appear.
Zoltan is quite creative but more important he is passionate about the hands-on enjoyment of building things. Good luck to him and may he go 100 miles per gallon and 100 mph. Its all about airflow around the car and through the engine.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Goldenhawk Sponsors are from A-Z

Just to name a few;

Acme Fire & Safety
Aggressive Tube Bending
Agnew Bailiffs/Financial Adj
Apex Refinishing
Bees Computer Graphics
Colt Cams Inc.
Cool-It Hiway Services
Kool Coat
Dick's Custom Upholstery
Federal Battery
Fuller Tire Life
Gear Centre Group
Global Inkstorm
Greens Automotive
Greer Contracting Ltd.
Hamilton Diesel
H & H Trailer
Hydra Steer
Judy Vaughan (our webmaster)
Lone Star Industries
Love's Auctioneers & Appraisals
Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing
NW Fuel Injection
OTT Industires
Pat's Driveline
Peak Diesel Performance
Sorenson Hot Rod Art
Sprenger Holdings
Transmission to be announced
Vacuums Plus
Walker Trucking
Ziggy's Equipment Sales
Zoltan's Flowbench

Watch for our new website for the updated links.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This is the logo for Hydra Steer, I admit it is appearing late in the day.My excuse is simply the file changes from one program to the other was making it look BLUE!
Anyway this is HYRASTEER and that's no bull.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Final engineering Body drawings "KEVINS HAWK"

Front view with Sabre tail by Murphy Aircraft manufacturing.

Kevin is showing the basic graphic as he gave to Daryle Sorenson the much sought after (HRA) Artist for magazines and to apply the graphics and renderings for the posters etc.
Final Painted and art work will be applied to the car by Nicholas Boos, the rising star in the art brush art world.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Can Do Kevin: the guys with all the hi-tech tools

A tribute to Diversion's Kevin Knox
A prince of a guy and most talented and knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. There is no one one the team or sponsors that has made a greater contribution to the building of this stream liner. He has the equipment and expertise to perform the following services to the GOLDENHAWK project:
1- made 3D computer drawings
2-assisted the transfer engineering of information to Adrian at Aggressive Tube bending, 3-Was hands-on in the chassis construction ,
4-a supplied video, 5- still photo records, 6- performed 3D scan of the F-86 Sabre model airplane, produced an fdm model of the car to exact scale, 7- hands on build the first ever stream liner body from abs at Plastec, 8-engineered the landing gear and produced the drawings, 9-Designed and built prototype of a sponsor premium trophy to commemorate the Land Speed Record. 10-He transports the car and when needed stores it. Kevin also contributes critical parts and piece for the car. An asset and real team Player check his website

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tire Life? Fuller is best!

Why I love Fuller?
"Now listen here sonny, back in the day, 1973, maybe '74, there was a Super Stock Chevelle #64. The driver was a young fella named Rolly Walker and he was very fast, so fast the tires would lose air every race and then temperature would go nuts and the handling would suffer. Well, being the sponsor (Brighouse Brake & Wheel) I wants to fix the problem, so I asked around and found the industrial guys used SEAL-ZIT. When I installed it problem solved!"
So 30 years later, when I designed the Goldenhawk Streamliner for 330 mph, I wanted SEAL-ZIT, but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about, so I went to the Internet. It is called Tire Life now in Canada & the States. I will run it at Bonneville and be confident that rim/tire porosity will not be a problem. This time I'm the driver. #6006 E/DS see you on the salt.
Thanks Morry Jones - thanks Fuller!

Cummins 3.9BT Custom Cam by COLT CAMS

Who said money can't buy love? At COLT CAMS very little money always buys the love of precision and perfection. Geoff and Ilona Bardal are good folks that believe in doing it right. No shortcuts for profits just good old fashion craftmanship (craftpersonship?)! Here you can see the care and thought that went into the preparation of the cam for the GOLDENHAWK engine. Take note of the polished fillets and the extra long bolt drilled and taped into the cam to hold the gear in place.
If you have a special need seek special people, thanks for the special camshafts.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Condolences to Werner and the Sprenger family.

We send our respects & prayers to Werner Sprenger and all his family,
(our crew chief and co-pilot),
for the loss of his father.
At peace now ending a lengthy battle with cancer.

Condolences, "the team"

Summer's bros. GOLDEROD originals

Thanks to a great supporter, J.John Veenstra, (he is one of the GOLDENROD team), the original plans for the 409mph record holder were on hand at the Meet & Greet. The plans show the main design and are drawn by no other than the driver, Bob Summers. A neat part of history we will display with the Goldenhawk in years to come. Maybe if we do this one right (E/DS)someone with 4 new designed turbo diesels may step up to supply engines for a 450mph diesel stream liner? DEAR SANTA!!!

More Dec 11 / 07

Plastec, Diversions, OTT Industries, Zoltan, Walker Trucking, HydraSteer, Pat'a Driveline, NitroLube, Vacuums Plus,, Cummins, were all represented. It was a very relaxed evening starting at 6:30 and the hard core theorists exchanged ideas and stories ending about 11:30. A good ending to the year and a fresh star to the Bonneville #60 Speed Week 2009. Did you know the drive shaft will exceed 10,000 rpm?
I hope you all had a very
Merry Christmas!

Meet and Greet early arrivals

Of the first to arrive was a man who was first to encourage and support the project, a mechanical engineer with a past history, drag racing factory "426 HEMI" powered Chrysler muscle cars, a global marketing manager and first class gentleman, Ross Somerville. Shown here in the centre of attention. Thanks to Ross for taking his personal time to join us and we look forward to seeing him at Bonneville Speedweek #60.

Sponsors Meet & Greet 11 December

Cammie Everett, owner of Kammie's Kitchen and the White Rock branch 08 Royal Canadian Legion were gracious hosts for the gathering of Goldenhawks. The legion reserved the main lounge and Kammie's Kitchen opened special to serve to 'Hawks that came directly from work to the gathering fresh homemade food . Thanks Cammie!
The weather was threatening possible snow (white liquid concrete) this evening. Now for those who aren't familiar with Vancouver area, when it snows, it is big wet flakes that immediately become a snowballer's dream but impossible to get traction on the hillsand bridges . This, family deaths, company meeting, Christmas shopping etc. explains why not everyone ventured out to White Rock. However, that allowed those sponsors attending to spend more time to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange of knowledge and bench racing stories.