Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late to bed early to work,exhaustion at post time!

Shouldn't feel sorry for myself because I started this project, but sometimes it drags your energy down a bit.

Hey everyone is busy, Everyone has a life (except me). I am contracting to the Dept of Energy to pay for the current and past costs of the build, on Tues, Thursday, Saturday, 10.5 to 11,5 hours a day and then 12 -15 hours in office and admin time, and the Bailiff business is brisk adding another 3-5 files a week, or (18-20 hrs) minimum per week. And I work at promoting the Goldenhawk everyday for at least and hour (5hrs) plus organise and expedite parts and coordinate trades and workers that are volunteer on Sundays (6hrs). Add this to ,mowing lawns (2hrs), home maint.working out (5) and walking the dog, (5hrs.).
So lets see: 37.5 + 15 =52,5hrs
52.5+20+ 5 +6+2+5=88 Hrs a week.
Now 24x7days is 168hrs.
168 -work (88.5)=79.5 hours
Sleep 7x8=56 ,
88-56=23.5Hrs a Week.
But -----------------
Meals and shaving and showering household chores 5 hrs/day x7=35
23,5-35= leaves me -11,5hrs sleep per week. This makes no sense!
Good night you all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Media team starting on DVD of our sponsors

Media team is being assembled to meet the needs of our sponsors and updating the website.
I will have more details in the next couple of days and some photos for the names.

Bryson Castillo New team member

With his education and experience, together with enthusiasm for mechanical things he will be an asset . I hope one of our fans notices him but doesn't scoop him too soon.

Diploma of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (2nd year Design option)
British Columbia Institute of Technology – 2007
Burnaby, British Columbia

· Ambassador to Korea 2007, BCIT Mechanical Engineering Technology
· TIGERTEL UTR Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Performance

Happy Easter Bryson, see you soon.
Thanks for joining the GOLDENHAWK PROJECT.

Celebration of life to honour of Mr.Jim Deist

It was a great turn out for the celebration of the life of our friend Jim Deist.
"May he rest in peace".

Friday, April 10, 2009

Young Guns lend a hand

Could this be the team of Speedweek 2012? 355 MPH Twin engine G'Hawk?? You never know!

What these guys lack in experience is surely offset by their youthful strength. They were absolutely required to fit the nose on tail on the car without the crane, just brute force.
Left to right: New Neighbour, Cody Gillis, Chris Sprenger, (Werners son) and Josh.
Thanks guys and we look forward to your promised help next week and weekend.
Have fun camping this week end and don't like the Bears get you. Play Safe!

"I go where Im towed" ,says the Hawk.

April 6 4:30 the loose parts are tighten, the wrenches and myriad of wrenches router out of the chassis, and then strapped to my van.
This time the Hawk is up on the landing gear and on its way to "the big top!" A large tent set up to accommodates the full body and soon to be modified to hold the vertical stabilizer (tail fin ). It was a ling cold winter in my garage and although progress was slow we did manage to get the engine and transmission mounts redesigned and manufactured. Thanks to the clever designs of Kevin Knox (Diversions) and Sean's precision cutting at Frankforth's WaterJet Cutting. And last but not least Aggressive Tube Bending's Andre. He is an excellent welder and volunteer many days two years ago to build the chassis. THANK HEAVEN for good friends. "HAPPY EASTER!"
Especially to the crew that are coming out SUNDAY to get organised for their assigned tasks.