Saturday, May 31, 2008

600hp at the touch of a button in your Diesel?

Mr.John Wood is the second generation nitrous developer under the moniker of NITROUS EXPRESS, He hails from Texas "Everything is big in TEXAS"
I have faith in his product because they are scientifically computer controlled. As am one of the four original developers and promoter, I find some of the n2o manufactures are simple parts sellers. Learn more about nitrous and how it works in details you will under stand,call me.
Big thanks for the system. It is similar to the ones we built with many sophisticated upgrades. Will use two of them!!


The man with the big smile is John, owner of CHIEF CHASSIS Inc. 8618-217A Street, Langley,BC. 604-888-2588 is the NITROUS EXPRESS dealer and installer. John is happy to be representing our sponsor and assisting the Goldenhawk project. CHIEF CHASSIS has been in business for 14 years, building race and street rods. He specially likes to jig narrow/braced Ford 9" diff's and stuffs them with special parts, before he fabricates the cages /roll bars and 4 link suspensions. Thank to John and NX

Friday, May 30, 2008

Check out the new twins!

No matter how you look at it, Peak Diesel Performance has supplied the right parts for peak boost and horsepower.
Call Harry toll free 877-858-PEAK (7325)

Safety first, KIRKEY Seat has it covered.

The seat fits perfectly and it came with all the approved cover. Makes the crew grin!

Sponsor of the day -KIRKEY RACING seats!

Thanks to Kirkey's man Kevin we received our super safe seat from the Canadian manufacturer of top quality racing seats. They are the choice of all the top builders in North America. Check their website for all your hot rod and race car builds. Thanks Kevin for taking the time to check out our website.

Peak Diesel Performance delivers Twin Holsets

Harry Kelleher, owner of (check our link)Peak Diesel Performance sourced the best turbo combination the Holset 40 + 52 for Piers Harry. Piers and Harry worked with sponsor, Holset's engineer, Malcolm Clark at Cummins in Memphis Tenn. to spec the turbos for the twin set up on our Cummins 3.9Bt.
Thanks Y'all!

BASF Water borne paints for Goldenhawk

Thanks to Louis McCaughan, regional manager for BASF, I was able to chose a gold color for the G'Hawk that will look good in sun or under artificial lites at the shows. They have thousands to pick from so it is easy to select one you like, in my case I was trying to remember 47 years ago.
It will be a metallic gold and is "GREEN" because it is water borne, the way of the future and good for the world.
Thank you BASF for helping us help the environment.

Able Autobody in Walnut Grove Baking Body

Able Auto body is a member of Collision Plus, #2-20120 92A St. in Langley's Walnut Grove was kindly donating their big bake oven to anneal the rear body parts to remove some of the tendency to spring flat when unfastened.
Pictured here is the head painter Dave, service manager Darragh, Kevin Knox and Doug Hannesson the owner. The plan is to place the parts in the oven overnight @160f while they are held in shape by wooden struts.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What did you do on the May 24 weekend?

Werner and Kevin gave up their weekend family time to work on the final parts of the landing gear and to install the tail. Paul Dukes from HYDRA STEER came to work on the steering shafts, and a good thing he did because we need to change some angles now that we have all the engine compartment equipment in place.
This team is dedicated and driven. What fantastic people !

A tale of tails - F-86 that is!

Werner and Kevin are the guys who get the job done! Here they are fitting the mounting system they fabricated to hold the F-86 tail secure at any speed.

Check out the shirt! Click on the picture to enlarge.

Engine Boss very happy with head.

Piers Harry inspected the head upon its return from Zoltan's porting and polishing work.

Surprised it doesn't fit?

Surprised it doesn't fit?
It was no surprise that the car 32 feet plus only goes half way into Werner's shop!
But the landing gear make it easy to move in and out .

Proud BIRD New Tail Feathers

There is a little work to be done yet but it looks great. Thanks to Kevin Werner and Darryl Murphy. Next is the body shop to do the prep and paint. See you all at COLLISION PLUS!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Harry Kelleher is our "main to go guy for performance and standard parts." Harry knows what we need and more importantly where to get it fast and at a reasonable price.

I took this photo of him while he was patiently trying to explain what it is we need for the exhaust pipe flange. Peak is moving to new digs at the end of the month but there will be no interruption of the service,
so click on the link

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Collision Plus Consultant Frank Vaski

Kevin Knox ( )and Collision Plus Consultant, Frank Vaski discuss the preparation of the Murphy Aircraft Manufacture built tail.
Barklee is not interested in cars if they are not giving him a ride. watches for the cat!

Collision Plus a new sponsor.

Frank Vaski and the whole team at Collision Plus group are excited to be part of the Bonneville Goldenhawk Project. Collision Plus is BC wide and growing fast. Check their website to learn more.
Watch the blog for more about Collision Plus as we start to do the body and paint.

Culpit is caught in the act!

Werner has caught the tail plucker! It is no surprise it is Kevin. Busy replacing the tail with the F-86 scaled tail he designed and Darryl Murphy built. Here he is cutting the spine of the hawk to fit the vertical stabilizer brackets he also designed.

Who plucked the tail feathers from the hawk??

Could it be vandals?
Who would want to be cruel to a bird??
Werner has planned all the equipment to be easy to remove should he need to have service anything. From left to right you can see the COOL-IT Hiway Services supplied a/c condenser, right under it is the two 12 volt batteries from FEDERAL BATTERY. (Thanks Chris!) Next is the a/c compressor and drive 115 volt motor supplied by Doug Menges of LINE ONE GAS Service in Vancouver. Doug is a very good friend and Alana's father (Remember the girls on bikes to Bonneville, see her blog link on this site ), and is the official wine maker for the driver! Thanks Doug

The large red tank is the accumulator for the air lift system built by "Sir Roland" at AGGRESSIVE TUBE BENDING. The sharp eyed folks will note that it is in fact a recycled propane bottle from my BBQ. The Nitrous Express 600 HP diesel nitrous oxide system will replace the brand X bottles used only for mock up. The Red bottle upper right is the cockpit fire bottle supplied by Acme Fire And Safety Co. Ltd.

Acme Fire And Safety Co. Ltd.

Acme Fire And Safety Co. Ltd. is our sponsor of choice for all our fire prevention/suppression needs. Maybe you don't have a racer that uses the exotic systems like we use but of all our homes and businesses need the protection and Mike Tonolli and his people are the best! They have been serving the people of the BC since 1972!
Werner is planning the mounting bracketry right behind the cockpit.

The engine bay also gets a special fire bottle . This too was supplied by Acme Fire And Safety Co. Ltd.
Thanks for the support! I will feel better knowing fire is not going to be a problem in this car.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoltan's Porting Heads and Flowing Carbs!

Genius at work on a 6BT Cummins head.
This is the Goldenhawk's 3.9litre 4BT.
Thanks again for the great job. Mr.Zoltan Bod

Zoltan has ported and polished the head

Here is a copy of the Flow sheets.
They indicate an increase of approx 40CFM.
Fantastic increase!!

Zoltan and Werner playing with the exhaust maniford
that was ported by yours truly.
Although it is improved by 50% over stock ,
it also killed about half the gain made by porting.
I think we will try a different header!

Nitrous EXpress chosen as best diesel nitrous system.

Check out the web site and the great deals.

More on these guys soon!
You can order from Chief Chassis in Langley.
John's number is 604-888-2588 and he is located at 8618-217A Street

Monday, May 19, 2008

Waterborne Paint andCollision Plus join GOLDENHAWK Project

An email to BASF was answered by Louis McCaughan Regional manager for BASF, that lead to Darryl Tippe Sales manager for the paint distributor, White and Peters Ltd. and his leader by Mort. Now, Mort's not your average drag race fan but he has been following the Bonneville Salt Flats and Speedweek since he was a child.
So what's this got to do with body work and paint? Well it seems that a large auto body group is has commenced the application of water borne and environmental friendly finishes! After a Performance Group of Collision PLUS convention at the RIVER ROCK Casino in Richmond,BC, we unveiled the car in all it white ABS replete with the accumulated dings and flaws of the primary crafting of the custom body for the attendees to witness. The comments from the group of owners and technicians were kind and the the common question was "How fast will it go? and "How straight do you want it panels." We explained that the panel will have some waves in them sitting still but will change shape has it complies with the pressures that surround it at 330 mph.
After some discussions, over the next week they have agreed to handle the body and paint. The logistics of the sponsorship have been left to the corporate COLLISION CONSULTANT. His name is Frank Vaski. WELCOME COLLISION PLUS!

Fan Rides with Jesse's Gang

Here's a pic of our 51 with our 3 boys and daughter.
"They think your car is coool"

Jesse Terry and family
Their names left to right are
Parker, Cash, Rivers and Jesse 2

I'm sure the kids will love it, send me an email if you have time when you can and I'll show them all

Thank you for your kind return

Drive shaft design change!

Trevor Jewkes of PAT'S DRIVELINE and Ben of OTT INDUSTRIES conferred and deduced that at 10,000+ rpm the drive shaft needed to be different from originally planned. Therefore Trevor stopped by the shop and remeasured to make sure all the lengths were correct.