Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet Zoltan- Airflow Expert Porter & New Team Member

Zoltan , a new sponsor comes to the project via Piers Harry, Peak Diesel Perfomance. Zoltan has long been the porting service of the fastest!
This is his design model for the Xprize.
This is his own introduction.
My full name is Zoltan Bod.I have been involved with the airflow through cylinder heads ,manifolds and carburetors for 30 years or so. I live for the challenge to get that last little bit of air flow that someone else might ignore.I've been porting Cummins diesels to varied levels for about five years.My passion to take this air flow quality external is represented in my endeavor to race in the XPRISE competition with my scratch built three wheeled car which is currently in the design and development phase.Minimum requirement to qualify for the race is 100 MPG average over a 2000 mile distance. Thanks Zoltan
Going Forward this gathering of Goldenhawks will be supporting many endeavours of the team members. You can count me in!
Watch for more information about Zoltan with the Original Fast Guys 200+mph Vega at Bonneville.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Models and Souvenirs by Kevin Knox

DESK TOP GOLDENHAWK Diversions, aka KevinKnox.com is working on a desk top souvenir/model, all the while keeping a watchful eye on his super high tech production toys as they buzz along shaping and creating all sorts of copies of his 3D computer images for his real paying clients. Here is a sneak preview into how it is developing.
Note that the flags are being sculpted out of the top corners in the next proto type, the airplane is protruding out of the background, the car will be on white salt and the wood base will be BC Red Cedar. The sponsors can have their name laser engraved in the front of the base or gold plaque.
Of course the whole thing is decal-ed and to exact scale, overall size is approx 8"x 10"
To reserve an original email Kevin ( kknox1@shaw.ca )

The Handsome Groom Wore Black

Ben Olson was married a short while ago in a Shipboard ceremony.
Photograph compliments Sharon Doucette,
She works for The newspaper the Surrey now and is Ben's cousin. "Sharon Doucette" sdphoto@dccnet.com

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Team photographer on Mission in California

Brian Beesley attending to the probate, and disposition of his last living family in Laguna Beach. Check out the view and Catalina island. Brian is still with us but he has had some very stressful times with , a Pacemaker, death of his first wife, and now his 90+yr old Aunt.

The driving force has gone temporarily!

I have been slow to post to the blog for the last month. I seems that the project is in good shape and we are prepared for a big move forward when OTT Industries delivers the overdrive, however the worrying and pressuring was not helping Ben deal with his business and personal life.

Darryl Murphy (Murphy Aircraft) has submitted the new F-86 tail section drawing for approvals. Kevin and I have reviewed it and it perfect! What else would you expect of a world class aircraft company?