Friday, September 26, 2008

Coming Soon PUMP - VIDEO

We have filmed a short video of the "Dyno-ing of our pump" as they checked it on the test equipment. Starring: Race Pump Master, Jef Casto as he shows off the big Bosch pump for the 3.9bt cummins.
It's just smokin hot!

Pumps for all applications

Look at the pump James Buermann is working on. It looks like a little v8 engine, therefore I assume it is for a big V8 diesel. As you can tell I am no genius around the pump shop but I can sense these gentlemen are very knowledgeable. The Goldenhawk Project owes a big thank you to NW FUEL , owner, Gord Reid and also to the persons who pointed me in their direction.

Pumping iron!

Actually Mike Arens is more bench wrenching than pumping iron! Look at the window behind Mike, it is covered with accreditation and awards. Everyone is professional here at NW Fuel.

Injector Room is High Tech

Morgan Hachim was working in the injection room when I stuck the camera around the corner. He flashed a big smile and continued to work his magic on the injectors. With a team like this is it any wonder
NW Fuel is the leader in the industry?

The Shop is 'Operating Room" clean!

Derek Morrison, is an injector specialist with a serious work ethic and a big smile.

Up front at NW FUEL

Dean Wohlberg is one of the first guys you get to meet at our Fuel injection sponsor's offices in Port Kells.

New Logo for Sponsor

This is the new logo for our paint, prep and bodywork sponsor.
Check them out on the links to sponsors on the left side of the page.
Able Auto Body is where Dave Andrew is the painter you have been seeing on the blog. Also Frank Vaski and Richard Mckwen were seen doing body work on the weekends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a happy tail!

Dylan and Daniel smile when Dave approves the preparations!
Darryl Murphy (Murphy A/C manufacturing) hand built a fine f-86 Sabre replica tail from Kevin Knox's 3D scanned & scaled drawings and Richard McKwen bonded the fibreglass leading edge that Kevin had trimmed to fit the car.
When we park the "GOLDENHAWK" next to the Vintage Wing"s "HAWK ONE" next year the airshow spectators will see how excellent your work and talent make a land speed stream liner emulate a great jet fighter plane.

Able Preens the Tail of the Hawk

Tuesday morning I delivered the canopy to ABLE AUTOBODY in Walnut Grove prior to final assembly of the car for the gold waterborne BASF color.
As you can see the crew is hard at the task of sanding and prepping the tail for Dave to paint. This flurry of sanding by (left to right) Dylan Richardson and Daniel Barker really got our mascot Barklee (one with 4 legs) excited as you can see in the photo. Dave Andrews is checking out the quality of the work.

And now a word from our sponsor NItrous Express

Click this image to see the offer and go to their website for the latest in Nitrous equipment.
Notice I said equipment, Mike Woods and his team don't shoot a load of bull like some nitrous companies. Good solid combustion technology and the latest equipment to apply it is why the Goldenhawk will use NX at Bonneville.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Able Autobody pans for Gold.

Carmen is joking and showing Dave the paint professional at Able Auto Body in Walnut Grove (Langley, BC) that he missed a spot! Actually they were showing me the final BASF waterborne gold color that Dave had pre painted on the seams for the body. It is the perfect color and next week on Monday they will prime the canopy (not the Clear part) and then Tuesday we will put the body on the chassis to be coated several coats of Goldenhawk gold. ABLE AUTO BODY has made a great effort to fit this work in their busy shop schedule.
It should be noted that Able does such good work that a large number of their work is on customs, hot rods, vipers, and Mercedes SL type cars, not just collision repairs.

On the cutting Edge Frankforth"s

Every sponsor is a special and valued asset to the program, but Sean owner of Frankforth's Waterjet Cutting is very obliging. He dropped everything to make us new motor mounts. Minutes after Kevin of Diversions emailed him the drawings he was setting up the computer and was waiting when the material was delivered. I was able to pick up the precision cut steel mounts the same afternoon. Thanks for the great service Sean and Kevin. You can get this same professional service from checking and

Both these guys have skills and equipment to do marvelous work and it is worth just browsing their respective sites to see what they have designed and manufactured.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good news

Good news from the paint and body sponsors. The body has been primed and the BASF WATER BORNE Gold color should arrive soon. Able Autobody's Collision Plus painter Dave was working on the week end to do the primer.

Dancing with the Devil.

. A self portrait at the end of Mondays chassis alterations.
Not feeling or looking my best.

This photo is to serve as a reminder that power tools like grinders and cutting wheels can do damage even when some protection is worn. The elbow is from the cutting wheel while altering the transmission mount to clear the new mount and the face is from the whacker sander disc employed to make the modified steel smooth. I learned twice in one day that when you are laying on your back with that kind of power it can be dangerous.

Nighmare #2

The fuel pump and the dampener on the race engine are big and the mounting is different than we anticipated. The engine now has to be remounted back 1.5" and moved to the left and down 3" to clear the pump lines, which means the transmission mounts no longer fit and the exhaust will likely have to be altered. Building a prototype designed by committee is not the most timely way to get the job done. Hundreds of man hours wasted! But what the hell if it was easy everyone would be doing it!!

Murphy's Law - Court in session.

First let me get this off my chest. I breached an old rule and paid for it as usual.
It all started when Piers Harry generously agreed to loan us his trailer to take the power train to the chassis. Well it is a brand new unit, like never used! Mike his trusty mechanic warned us not to scratch it. Well caution was the kiss of death, with the engine transmission and differential installed in the powertrain frame, the team moved ever so carefully to load it on the trailer with the sling and fork lift. As the forklift moved slowly forward on the gravel driveway, one small hesitation in motion caused the powertrain to swing forward, unloaded the sling and it came off the forks.
Well it was horrible the load hit the edge of the NEW trailer and put a dent in the fender. It would be a small dent if it was an old trailer but when it is new it is huge, when it is borrowed even worse.
With our deepest SORRY to Piers.

Race engine in frame.

Friday (12 Sept) we were at
Piers Harry's High Horsepower Heaven (our name not his) to assemble the power train. We picked up the race prepared transmission from Rob Marlickowski's shop and installed the
BD Diesel special converter. Then the Piers prepped engine was installed. It was fitted with a
NW Fuel Injection Service race prepped high volume pump and the Fluidampr supplied thru from Peak Diesel Performance.
Then the nighmare begins..............

Ken Walkey Wise Words

Another list is made and more things are completed, then a new list is made. Will we ever finish the task? Ken Walkey, one of our best mentors said many months ago, "Don't be too disappointed if it takes a longer time to build than you think. It took me 5 years!"
Ken Walkey is the creator of "Grampa"s Toy" a 300+ mph small block Chevy, front wheel streamliner. It is shaped tear drop shaped much like the Goldenhawk, but shorter.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Diversions created a new steering wheel for the streamliner and here are the jpegs of it. The real one is at Werner's for wiring. Wait till you see it. Thanks again Kevin.
Check Kevin's website, well worth the visit!

How the prototypes begin for the Goldenhawk

It all starts when Kevin Knox of DIVERSIONS makes a 3D drawing of a special part. Then he will cut it out with the laser cutter or perhaps "build" it with his FDM Rapid prototype machine. Very neat service!


Plastic cover for a/c is in place complete with the usual care to detail that makes all Diversions products
special. You will notice it has the GOLDENHAWK cut right into the cover, a very professional touch. Thanks to the sponsorship of Kevin Knox the project has some very special details.
When you think of doing anything custom call 604-930-2120 first!