Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nikki is our new T-Shirt model

Nikki is Dean and Tish's Eldest daughter, she has graciously agreed to model our new team shirts for us. These photos were taken by Dean and are just proofs to check the colors. Watch for the official one soon.

She is a beauty and I think will be a natural model!

OK all you guys, she has a boyfriend and her dad is a nice but biker type, you don't want him to hurt you!!!!.

Engine Start up for 2011

It was very smoky in the tent when we barked the little Cummins to life. We had good oil pressure and the twin turbos cranked out 20lbs of boost just by holding the brake and blip ping the throttle. We have been checking all the systems and everything seems OK. There was some minor issues with a fuel pump lever that had vibrated loose last run and the water tank pump failed. It distorted from the heat of the fire I guess but now thanks to International Boat Repairs, and owner Efren Pilay we have a top quality made in America pump.

Amber is a runner.

 Some of you may recall My niece Amber from Calgary she was here to see the car just before Bonneville 2009. Well she has taken to running long distances. Here she is completing her first big race on St.Patrick's Day. (She is#1070)

Exhausting Fabrications

Klaus getting ready to add the fresh NITRO LUBE from Jason Rite

Meet Harvey, he has been assisting on the exhaust and cleaning up damage from smoke as well as refurbished the shift air system.

Kevin is buttoning up his latest exhaust pipe reconfiguration. This one will not cause any fires!
It took a bit of brain storming and a few Heineken to design but it is simple and very stout.

Lindie and Rich race Quads / win 24 hr Enduro

Rich and Lyndie with some of their toys!

Rich flying  at sand dunes.

Another toy note the blower sticking out the hood.

Rich behind the shades.

Playing in the Water

Welders at large.

I would like to welcome Lindie and Rich to our support team. Rich is an excellent welder and operates his own mobile business. He is assisting with welding of the heavier parts that Kevin, Klaus and Harvey are not set up for, he welded the big joining manifold after Kevin machined it. We build everything from scratch and often use crops from our friends in the fabrication industry like Aggressive and Lone Star Industries.

KEVINKNOX.COM does only precision work.

Kevin Knox Diversions number one guy likes to get it exact and has fun doing it.Here he is installing his latest creation, the "TWINS", a Holset HX40 & a HX53. he is checking for clearances to the hood.

16 February was Moving Day

Ken with his new Dodge Cummins 3500HD towed the trailer to his place and we pit the car in its new home. Thanks to a generous sponsor we were able to buy a brand new 20'x40' proper heavy duty enclosure and it is large enough that Kevin's truck fits in and allows us plenty of room to work on the car. It is also great light and it is ten steps from the welder, lathes, milling machines and Kevin's tools of which there is numerous, like everything!

Relaxing in new "shop" and Barklee is inspecting.

Old Tent was leaking and had collapsed from snow.

As you can tell this is not good storage for Million dollar racer. Over the winter we had no alternative but to leave it in the tent at Werner's and as a result the corrosion and deterioration to electrics is still being dealt with daily.

The Good Old Days

This is Steve's Stude in action, some of you old racers will remember it. Also click on the "DRAG SCOOP" news to see it larger.

Steve's Stude Gasser Restoration.

 Klaus introduced me to a nearby neighbour, Steve. Steve has a wonderful garage with plenty of neat stuff, hot rods, trucks, camaros, new and old, motorcycle, bicycles and the best on is this Stude Gasser from the sixties.  Check out the neat hauler!

Runs like new.

Goldenhawk linked to Studebaker

It is amazing just who you meet from Craig's list add for volunteers. The first guy to show up was Mike Klaus seen here driving the classic convertible by Studebaker. Klaus as he prefers to be known as is a rabid collector of these great cars. You will be see much of him as he is full on the team along with his buddy Harvey. Both of them are fabricators and very good at the trade in any material. Welcome aboard !