Saturday, September 24, 2011

Larry "Almost my Cousin" goes to Speedweek.

Always my first thrill of Bonneville,
 as you break over the hills and see Wendover and "the salt flats"

The next great treat is arriving at the Bonneville Sign and being welcomed by non other that the cheerful ambassador to speed events, "LANDS END LYNDA" and her Daughters. She has many other volunteers to assist her but she is a constant. Each year the "Hawk has arrived she has already secured the Nitrous bottles for us and greets everyone on the team with big hugs and smiles.
Thank you to all the volunteers that make Bonneville the fastest place on earth.

Lands End Gate worker welcomes Dennis Hicks (almost my cousin 2) .Dennis is well known as a Funny car owner driver and now has a front engined dragster for nostalgia racing.

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